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Burgundy Wave Player Grades: Midfielder Juan Ramirez

The second Designated Player in Rapids history had his ups this year and his downs, but overall was a major disappointment.

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We have begun our look back at individual player performances for the 2015 Colorado Rapids. Each day we will look at a different player and see what went right and what went wrong. Please feel free to leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

Burgundy Wave Player Grades

Player: Juan Ramirez

Position: Midfielder

2015 Statistics

Games Played Games Started Minutes Goals Assists Shots Shots on Goal GWG Goals Per 90 Min
27 15 1459 1 3 41 10 0 0.06

Highlight of the Year: it seemed so odd when it happened, but the only goal that Ramirez scored this year was against Real Salt Lake and it turned out to be the goal that won the Rocky Mountain Cup.  The game was well into stoppage time when Ramirez took a breakaway and was uncontested as he walked it into the goal.  Very surreal and RSL had every right to feel like the game should have stopped before that goal happened.  And if it would have, the Rapids would not have won the Cup.

Lowlight of the Year: Ramirez has gotten quite the reputation as a diver and someone that goes down too easily.  It got to the point that when he was legitimately fouled, he would not get calls as it was assumed that he was not actually fouled.  It is a shame, but something he needs to work on.

2015 Grade (C-): Ramirez was barely, and I mean barely, average this season.  He would occasionally show flashes of brilliance (two assists in the final win of the season for example) to maddening periods where he would seemingly disappear.  His passing was largely poor all season and he was completely unprepared for the physical nature of Major League Soccer.  However, Ramirez is very young and there is a good deal of upside with him and he is someone that can offer the club something going forward.

2016 Outlook: Ramirez should be back in 2016 and he should be someone that will need to be looked upon as the Rapids attempt to climb back into relevancy in Major League Soccer.  But he needs to improve his game and stay on his feet more often.  Also, as a DP he is expected to contribute more than a goal and three assists.  Those numbers will need to get better in 2016.