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Burgundy Wave Player Grades: Midfielder Lucas Pittinari

The on loan midfielder from Belgrano did not have the best of years for the Burgundy Boys.

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We have begun our look back at individual player performances for the 2015 Colorado Rapids. Each day we will look at a different player and see what went right and what went wrong. Please feel free to leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

Burgundy Wave Player Grades

Player: Lucas Pittinari

Position: Midfielder

2015 Statistics

Games Played Games Started Minutes Goals Assists Shots Shots on Goal GWG Goals Per 90 Min
29 25 2241 1 3 34 5 1 0.04

Highlight of the Year: There were not many highlights for Pittinari this year, but one of them had to be the goal in May against Vancouver Whitecaps to give the Rapids their first home win in almost a year.  It was a rain soaked match but it represented one of the five home wins the Rapids were able to achieve.  And for Pittinari, his strike was all that was needed in that one.

Lowlight of the Year: Pittinari seemed to hide his lack of talent and defensive prowess by fouling more than any other Rapids player this season.  The top five players (who committed the most fouls) this season:

1. Lucas Pittinari--65

2. Sam Cronin--38

3. Dillon Powers--36

4. Bobby Burling--32

5. Marcelo Sarvas--31

2015 Grade (C-): Pittinari was an average player for the Rapids this year and he seemed to foul people whenever he had the chance to compensate for his lack of skill. His passing was atrocious and he killed attack after attack for the Rapids going forward.  He was unable to transition the ball from the midfield to the final third on a consistent basis and his assists that he did tally this year were more to do with the players in front of him rather then anything he did.

2016 Outlook: Pittinari is on loan this season and his loan should be allowed to expire.