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When Loyalty Burns Too Burgundy: Rapids Not Interested in Jason Kreis

Daniel Boniface reports that the Rapids aren't pursuing Jason Kreis, and that Pablo Mastroeni is their guy in 2016. Could loyalty be a bad thing?

So, there's this:

No interest?  None?  No inquiry?  No desire just to dip their toe in the pool?

You'll have to give it to the Colorado Rapids--they are nothing if they aren't loyal.  Which may well be the issue, for if they stay too loyal on certain fronts, they won't be much on the pitch.

Clearly, the Rapids are loyal to Pablo Mastroeni.  After all he's accomplished for them on the pitch, after his willingness to step in after Oscar Pareja stepped out so late in the offseason going into 2014, do the Rapids Front Office feel that they must repay Mastroeni's loyalty?

In light of the Peanuts movie coming out this Friday, I'm gonna pull out my psychiatrist's booth and charge five cents for this train of thought.

Of course, I cannot answer the loyalty. I'm not in their meetings, and I'm not in their minds--none of us are.  But when it comes to leadership, leaders either lead from the head or from the heart.  Leading needs a mix, wisdom to know when to lead with the head and with the heart.  If you lead too much by leaning with the heart, you'll be most loyal, wanting people to succeed--when in your head, you cognitively realize that this may not be the case.  You begin seeing what you hoped would be reality rather than reality.

The problem with this is, all the while you're wanting to help someone succeed, and all the while you know deep down that this just may not happen, those around you are wondering about the direction.  They don't feel the same loyalty, all they see is that something from leadership is amiss.  Leaders by and large do not want to be cut through, as if people meant less than productivity.  But there's a tipping point when leaders need to face reality--that's the bottom line of leadership: influence and identifying reality.

Again, I'm not in their meetings and I'm not in their minds.  Mastroeni (and Bravo, for that matter) have accomplished much in burgundy--and I believe that all of us who loyally read these blogs each and every day are loyal to the Burgundy and Blue.  But loyalty can burn too burgundy.  People matter, but those people in any organization want connection with a vision and a direction.

The Rapids aren't interested in Jason Kreis.  Fine.  But what are they interested in?