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Mourinho, Kreis, and the Need for High Standards: Rapids, Are You Listening?

ESPN FC cites that Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho has two games to straighten out the ship, or his job is in jeopardy. Wow! A far cry from how one certain MLS team operates.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Mourinho's job is on the line.  Having lost six of eleven to start the 2015-16 English Premiere League season, he has two games to right the ship.  This is the same Chelsea with the same manager (Mourinho) who won the Premiere League in 2014-15.

I suppose my brain has grown hardwired to how certain MLS clubs operate. To my surprise, word comes out regarding Jason Kreis' departure from New York City FC after one season (7-17-10).  But not all MLS teams operate like this.

Oh, take for instance a hypothetical team whom we shall call the Colorado Rapids. (And no, don't send comments playing off that phrase.  They are a real team In the Western Conference they finished 8th in 2014 with an 8-18-10 record, and who finished dead last with 9-10-15 record. So, math fans, that's 17-28-25 in the last two seasons.  Yes, we've been over this ad nauseum puh-lenty of times over this season.  Frankly, I'm almost to the point of just saying, "It is what it is!"

Until I read about stories regarding the future of Mourinho as the Chelsea boss.  Please understand, seeing Chelsea struggle gives me no small delight.  As an Arsenal fan, seeing Arsene Wenger (Arsenal boss) best Chelsea in any way warms the cockles of my heart.

But do you see the standard set?  For Chelsea, mid-table mediocrity won't do.  Brendan Rodgers draw with Everton a few weeks ago was enough to send him packing before the International Break in order to secure Jurgen Kloop.

I get it: MLS is a different animal.  But in reality, regardless of the league, something has to flip a switch in ownership or the front office to where mediocrity or even basement dwelling is acceptable. And I understand from what we hear from the front office that mediocrity isn't acceptable.

When the Apostle John wrote to fellow Christians, the Bible records in 1 John 3:18: "Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth."  Don't just talk about it--put those words into action.  Set the standard high!  For your sakes, the players' sakes, the league's sake, and especially for the fans' sakes who lay down hard-earned money (something they don't have to do) to support the club.

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