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What We Are Thankful For

The Staff at Burgundy Wave shares what they are thankful for on this Thanksgiving

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As it is Thanksgiving, all of us here at Burgundy Wave wanted to convey our extreme thanks to you, our readers, as we prepare to break bread with family and loved ones.  Here are a few things that we are thankful for and from all of us at Burgundy Wave, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving:

From Rapids South Stands  @RapidsSouthStds

My boys would watch a baseball or football game with me every so often, and that's fine. But soccer brought us together. We watch Arsenal every weekend, we come to see our Rapids play at DGSP, we play 2-on-1 in our backyard, and they play on the Littleton Hawks through Littleton Soccer. The rest of my family doesn't 'get it,' but our crew does. I'm thankful to God that He have us this gift

From The Rapids Rabbi  @rapidsrabbi

I'm very thankful that DSGP has Odell's 90 Shilling on tap. Lord knows we've needed it this year.

I'm thankful for some really inspiring young players that give me hope for the Rapids future, like Axel Sjoberg and Marlon Hairston and Dillon Serna.

I'm thankful for those moments when the players take the time to recognize the fans, as I saw this year from Marcelo Sarvas and Clint Irwin and Gabriel Torres and (pretty much always) Drew Moor.

Mostly, I'm glad for the community of fellow Rapids fans I've met through twitter, and Burgundy Wave, the Flakoglost pod, and at the matches. We'll skull a brew together now and again and clench our fists in frustration. But we've forged bonds in the hard times so that the good times will be that much sweeter. Next year, let's make the playoffs. In 2017, the semis. And let's win the MLS Cup in 2018.

From Richard Coeur de Lion  @richardterry85

Regardless, during the Thanksgiving season, it's good to be reminded of the things we are thankful for. People know me as a soccer fanatic, and I'm not only grateful to support my teams passionately, but also play the game I love. Playing soccer brings me a lot of joy and it is one of my favorite things to do. Finally, I am thankful the Colorado Rapids are actually in talks with Real Sociedad for Carlos Vela. If we were to sign him, that would be amazing.

From Peter Soeth  @milehighsoapbox

I'm thankful for soccer because it gives me something my son and I can enjoy together. From coaching him for a few years to now watching him play, it's always good seeing him develop as a player. We enjoy watching soccer together on TV but enjoy watching it in person the most. From the National Team to MLS it's always fun to hang out together watching soccer.

From Todd Brossart  @toddbrossart

Without soccer, I'm quite certain there'd be an absence of purpose in my life. Because of soccer, I'm thankful for the strangers who've become good friends, and for the unforgettable experiences we've had in faraway lands.

One such instance was when the 5'3" Richard Terry (fellow podcasting friend) stood cramped butt-to-nut in between a raucous bunch of Brighton Hove Albion supporters, subway-bound for their away match at Millwall. Richard is a Crystal Palace supporter, something he made well known to the pie-eyed Brighton supporters. It was St. Paddy's Day, and for anyone that knows RT, they know he is a jovial dude, especially under the influence of a few Guinness's. Let's just say, those of us on Richard Terry Patrol had to "reel" him in before he became the butt of some Englishman's joke. #DareToTerry

From Evan Rowland  @ZeroXAcid

I'm thankful that my wife started watching soccer before we even started dating, because she wanted to be able to talk to me about something. Now watching the games on the screen or in person is one of our favorite things to do together.

I am also thankful for #MajorLeagueFriendship. The people we have met from Burgundy Wave, Rapids supporters, and even fans of other teams are some good friends of ours. Even though we rarely see each other (as we live in Houston) we can still have a good time when we do.

From John Patrick Rosch  @patrickmac05

I am thankful to live somewhere where I can discuss my passion for football with like minded folks who share that same passion.

I am so very thankful that the club I love is a mere 15 minutes from my house, and although I am hard on them for their lack of results, I am blessed to live here in Colorado and have the Rapids

I am extremely grateful to have a club in England that is leaving everything on the pitch to get back to the Premier League.

And I am blessed beyond words to have such a great bunch of blokes who write for this blog and give their all to make Burgundy Wave what it is.