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Could the Rapids Really Get Carlos Vela?

Reports suggest that it could happen.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we enter Thanksgiving week (my favorite holiday, but I digress) some exciting things appear to be afoot with our Beloved Burgundy Boys.  Yep, the Colorado Rapids could be in for Carlos Vela.

Read that again:  the Colorado Rapids really are a player for Carlos Vela.

Marco Cummings from MLS Soccer  tweeted out this morning that the Rapids are in talks with Real Sociedad over Vela and it appears that the Rapids could make it happen.

The cost is around 15 million Euros to acquire the services of Vela, which is certainly a lot of money, but consider this:

**he would be moving from La Liga to Major League Soccer

**he has had good success in La Liga (and Real Sociedad) and has made 167 appearances in all competitions scoring 59 goals and 34 assists.

**he is just 26 years old (spoiler alert, that is a great age)

**he is a full Mexico International with 15 goals to his name

Is he worth nearly 16 million dollars?  Well, to get an big name, attack minded player, in his prime that wants to come to the United States?  A name that will put people in the seats and energize a fan base that surely needs it?

In a word:  HELL YES.

(OK, that was two)

And it also shows that that the ownership of the club is firmly behind the Front Office and that the ownership and front office are busting their collective asses to make this team better.

So what do you think Rapids fans?  Would you want Carlos Vela in Burgundy?  Hit us up in the comment section below and let your voice be heard!