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Jason Kreis Fired. Should the Rapids Make a Play for Him?

The long rumored transaction happened as New York City FC fired Jason Kreis today.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, we all totally saw this coming.  After all, New York City FC is owned by Manchester City so you had to figure that if NYCFC did not make the playoffs, someone was going to get blamed.

And so Jason Kreis was fired today as head coach of NYCFC.

Look, I am not going to go into the rights and wrongs of firing Kreis (OK, firing him was wrong) but NYCFC is going to do what they want regardless of their lack of knowledge of Major League Soccer.

Obviously this lends itself to the question of what Kreis does next? Does he take time off?  Does he get back into coaching?  I have to think that he will get back into the game and will be on an MLS sideline in 2016.  But where does that happen?

Toronto FC?  That team underachieved if you look at the overall payroll expenditure and they got run in the first round of the playoffs.

Chicago Fire?  They have an opening.

Real Salt Lake?  Can you say homecoming?

Colorado Rapids?  Oh, wait.  We have a coach.

I know that the Rapids Front Office will say that we have a coach already and his name is Pablo Mastroeni.  And that they are committed to getting it right with Pablo.  I understand that, but it is not everyday that one of the premier coaches in Major League Soccer hits the market.  And if I am the Rapids, I make a big time play for Kreis and open up that checkbook.  Here is what you would be getting:

Kreis has been to two MLS Cup Championships as a coach, winning one in 2009

Kreis has coached his team to the U.S. Open Cup Championship game

Kreis has coached his team to the CONCACAF Championship game

Kreis has won 111 games and has 67 draws in his 270 games coached.

Kreis plays an attractive style of soccer that led RSL to six playoff appearances under his watch

In comparison:  Mastroeni has won 17 times in two years.  And Mastroeni plays the most God Awful brand of soccer out there.  It is so painful to watch that, at times, you want to scratch your eyes out.

Yes, I know that this would mean letting Pablo go.  So?  If you can get Jason Kreis for Pablo Mastroeni you do that everyday of the week.  Cause Kreis is a massive, massive upgrade over Pablo.

So what say you Rapids fans?  Should the Burgundy Boys go after Kreis?  Is it even realistic?  Let us know in the comment section below!