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The Burgundy Wave Awards--Offensive Player of the Year

Despite the lack of goals this year, there was one player that stood out above the rest--Kevin Doyle

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Wait?  What?

I know what you are thinking--

"John, you must be crazy to vote Kevin Doyle as the Rapids Offensive Player of the Year"

Well, I may be crazy, but I feel confident in my decision here to name Kevin Doyle as the Burgundy Wave Offensive Player of the Year.

Yep, I know he made only 20 appearances this season.

With just 16 starts.

And I know the popular pick would be Vicente Sanchez, Gabriel Torres or Dillon Powers.

But here is my rational:

Doyle won the Rapids Golden Boot this year in just 20 games

He pitched in with two assists in those twenty games.

And he had 4 game winning goals in his 20 starts.

The basic gist: the Rapids were a better team with Doyle on the pitch and he is their first true target forward they have had since 2012.

The stats and justification (minimum 1,000 minutes):

Goals: 5 (tops on the team)

Assists: 2 (tied for sixth)

Shots on Target percentage: 38% (second on team)

Goals Per 90 minutes: .30  (first on team)

And more importantly, Doyle knew what to do with the ball when he had it and the Rapids were a far more potent threat in from off goal with him playing.

Yes, Sanchez brings that something special (creativity wise) when he is out there, but he played so little this year his impact was muted.  Plus, one of his goals was a PK so I tend to discount that a bit.  A good year for Sanchez, but without Doyle, what would the Rapids have looked like?  A scary thought.

From all of us here at Burgundy Wave, we want to say congratulations to Kevin Doyle for winning Burgundy Wave Offensive Player of the Year!