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MLS is Coming to Africa

Hey, Sub-Saharan Africa! MLS is coming to a station near you!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In perusing the MLS website, I came across the rather prominent article about MLS now being shown in the Sub-Saharan area through Fox Sports Africa.  Given the amount of African players we have in MLS, this move makes sense. Gary Stevenson, President and Managing Director, MLS Business Ventures, said in a statement

MLS is proud to be the home of top international stars, including many from Africa, such as Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba, Sierra Leone’s Kei Kamara and Nigeria’s Obafemi Martins. This partnership will allow these talented players to be highlighted every week in their home countries, as well as in nearly 170 countries around the world though our many broadcast partnerships.

This bodes well for MLS in getting into Africa.  Time will tell if the Africans watching the product on our MLS pitches in comparison to the talent in Africa will bode well for bringing more talent to MLS.  What is clear is that MLS is gaining more traction throughout the world, and that's a good thing in any scenario.

So what do you think Colorado Rapids fans?  Are you excited about the growth of MLS throughout the world?  Hit us up in the comment section below!