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Stunned and Shocked! Is Drew Moor a Legend or Not?

I'm shocked (shocked!) at the reaction to the notion of my last article. I considered Drew Moor a legend in Rapids history. A number of you agreed, but a number of you took umbrage to that notion. Let's hash it now--right now!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the title of my last article:  "Will There Be Anymore Legends After Drew Moor?"  Do you see what I did there in that title?  I took it for granted that Drew Moor is considered a legend. It never crossed my mind that he wouldn't be a legend.

Boy, did a number of you take umbrage with that!  (Man, I like that word a lot!)  Here's one who believes he is:

Some took issue (yes, I retired the word 'umbrage' for the rest of the article--sorry!):

More was said and can be said, for sure.  But this brings up a number of questions:

  1. What makes an elite defender?  Drew can't point to goals scored, assists, nor any other offensive category.  Clearances?  Possibly.  Stability at the position?  That's clear he's been a stalwart there since 2009, playing in 176 games, and (in my mind) still the captain of our Colorado Rapids. But what would make any defender, but specifically Drew Moor, elite to have him unanimously discussed as a legend?
  2. What makes a legend, anyway? According to some, it's not because of his friendly rapport with the supporters, nor of him being a fan favorite. Strong work on the pitch, solid commitment to the community off the pitch?
  3. And to the particular point at hand, can a case be made for Drew Moor's status as Rapid legend (which I think a case can be made)?  Why or why not?
As you answer these questions, keep in mind that Drew Moor is an actual person, not simply a product playing on the pitch.  While we will evaluate as fans Drew's body of work, please keep this from being personal about him.  That's not the point of this question, and it's not becoming the class of fans we are and should be as Rapids fans.

In other words, stay classy, Colorado!