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Why Can't We Celebrate Something Good for the Rapids?

The Rapids won the Rocky Mountain Cup against Real Salt Lake. Why can't we celebrate one of the few good things to happen to this team?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids won the Rocky Mountain Cup. Anticlimatic?  Sure!  Would we as supporters preferred a win?  You already know this supporter would.  I needed to see something--yes, more than we saw tonight.

But we did win the Rocky Mountain Cup.  We went 1-1-1 against them this year. The Rapids won because we scored more goals on aggregate than they did.  The Rapids put themselves in a position to where they could lose 2-1 and still take home the hardware.

Why can't we celebrate that?  Why can't we rejoice in one of the few really good things that have happened to our bludgeoned and bloodied Burgundy Boys?

Yes, I'm frustrated at the decisions made, both in tactics, in the retaining of the majority of the coaching staff, along with a laundry list of other things. Brendan Rodgers is now the former manager of Liverpool because after Week 8, they are 10th in the league.  They have 29 games left, but even with Rodgers' track record and pedigree, he's out.  And part of me wishes that that type of accountability existed now

But you know what frustrates me most? Even when something good happens, many Rapids fans either can't, don't, or won't enjoy this.  Normally, I never say that we as supporters should take solace in a loss. That's the cardinal sign of a really bad team. But the Rapids hold the Rocky Mountain Cup against our hated rivals for the next year.  Enjoy it!

One more thing: do not interpret my joy in the Rapids winning this cup as an endorsement for the Front Office or the coaching.  To me, these are two different worlds.  The Rapids hold the RMC. Yes!  Good!  Something in which we as supporters can take pride in.

For about 24 hours.

Drogba awaits!