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Rapids Player Ratings at Portland Timbers, October 25, 2016

The Rapids make too many mistakes and get run over in Portland. One thought there was hope when Dominique Badji scored the equalizer, but the Timbers crushed that before the half-time whistle blew. Just not a good performance and the way not to end such a horrible season.

Badji and Villafana battle for the ball in the first half.
Badji and Villafana battle for the ball in the first half.
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Oh the Colorado Rapids. After a good win in Kansas City on Wednesday, there was a complete opposite match in Portland on Sunday. The Rapids lost to the Portland Timbers 4–1 in a match plagued with horrible mistakes. The two matches this week are the perfect illustration of the inconsistency the Rapids displayed this year.

It began in the 4th minute when Darlington Nagbe hit a free kick that Zac MacMath should have saved. Instead of holding his position, MacMath cheated to the right. If he stays where he set up for the free kick, he makes the save. It wouldn’t have come to that if Lucas Pittinari hadn’t committed the stupid foul just outside of the 18.

But the Rapids came back and in the 13 minute Dominique Badji got the deflection to equalize the match. It stayed 1–1 until the 33 minute when Nagbe got his brace. He wasn’t marked at all in the box and that is just a plain mistake from the Rapids, particularly Marcelo Sarvas.

The mistakes continued as Jorge Villafana shoots and it goes in off Sean St Ledger. Not sure why it wasn’t an own goal, it was going wide. And to add insult to injury Fanendo Adi adds a fourth goal for Portland with his arm. It shouldn’t have counted, but it did not really matter.

At least we don’t have to live through any more horrible matches for the Rapids this year.

Here is how I saw this match.

Zac MacMath (2): He got caught cheating on the first goal. You can sometimes do that and get away with it and if it was a pk, you almost have to do it. But on these free kicks, you have to rely on the wall to take that part of the goal away and handle the other half. If he makes it over the wall, you tip your hat. Just not a good attempt. MacMath had some good moments, but these three matches solidified that Clint Irwin is the number one goalkeeper for the Rapids.

Marlon Hairston (4): Hairston had a decent match and it was good that he was getting an opportunity on the pitch in these final three matches. He was rusty but always gave it his all. He did get sucked into the middle on Villafana’s goal. If he stays wide I think it is a much more difficult opportunity.

Sean St Ledger (3): That own goal is tough but not figuring out the marking on Nagbe’s second was partially on him too. Not a good day for the backline.

Axel Sjorberg (4): Axel did well in the physical nature of this match. Looking at his passing statistics and aggressiveness he did quite well to close out his rookie season.

Maynor Figueroa (5): He did well and was a good physical presence on the backline for the Rapids. He did get up the line quite a bit and had a decent passing percentage. But his crosses in the final third did not find a teammate. He needs to close down the attacker. He didn’t do that on the cross that found Nagbe for the second goal.

Lucas Pittinari (.5): He gets a .5 for just being on the pitch for the full 90 minutes. This was a horrible performance by Pittinari. The previously mentioned foul on Nagbe in a horrible position and then the yellow right before half for dissent. It is not a sign of a good player.

Marcelo Sarvas (4): Commits four fouls and somehow does not get a yellow for persistent infringement. I think Toledo confused him and Powers and gave Powers the yellow for some of Sarvas’ fouls. He failed to mark Nagbe in the box on the second goal. But he did get the ball to Badji before his goal. It looked like a pass but may have been deflected.

Dominque Badji (6): He gets a good shot off that is deflected into the goal. He was active and hustled the entire evening. His work rate is good and hopefully he will be able to help the Rapids next season.

Dillon Powers (4): Not sure why he picked up a yellow for persistent infringement, he only was tagged with two fouls all evening. He was taking the corners for the Rapids and had one shot.

Luis Solignac (3): Another enigmatic performance by Solignac. One shot, bluffed hitting Diego Chara and just ran around the pitch all evening. That is one thing, his passion got the better of him when Chara stuck his boots into Solignac’s midsection. It probably should have been a card, but you can not get sucked in and fake hitting him.

Kevin Doyle (3): When your striker only has one shot and has to be back in your defensive end in the box helping to defend, something is wrong. To his credit, his shot did go off the post. But when your striker is having to defend as much as Doyle had to, good things won’t happen.


Juan Ramirez (4): Not a bad evening from Ramirez and he was getting the ball off his feet quickly. Perhaps he is learning. He did draw to fouls.

Vicente Sanchez (N/A): Got in the game in the 79th minute, but did not have an impact.

That is how I saw this match. What did you think?