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Game Recaps--Portland Timbers 4:1 Colorado Rapids--Burgundy Boys Crushed in Oregon

The Rapids season comes to a close with a whimper, and not a roar.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


I am very sad today.

Not so much for the Colorado Rapids 4-1 defeat to Portland Timbers.  This was all too predictable and expected.  There was almost no chance that the Rapids were going to defeat the Timbers.  So from that perspective, I am not so bothered by the result.  The Timbers were led by two goals from Darlington Nagbe and an own goal from Sean St. Ledger and were clearly the better team all night.

But what is sad for me is that this is the last time I will see this team play.  I know that the Rapids have had a brutal year, and things were done and dusted when they only had two wins at the halfway point of the season.

So I am very sad that this is the last time I am going to get to watch the team play this year.  And this makes me sad.  Very sad.  This team that had so much promise two years ago, has been gutted and left to drift by poor decisions by a Front Office who accepts mediocrity and a Head Coach who is out of his element.

This makes me sad.

So yeah, the Rapids lost another one and that ends their year at 9-15-10.  And that is sad.

The real sadness though: there is no hope that things will improve anytime soon.