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RUMOR: Rapids Going After Vela?

I love me a good transfer rumor, especially one like this

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It is not that often that the Colorado Rapids are involved in transfer speculation, but they certainly are now.  And it is a fun one.  Jeffery Carlisle from ESPNFC had this little tid bit:

The Colorado Rapids Could be in for Carlos Vela.

That's right, the Colorado Rapids could be in for Carlos Vela.  Let that sink in for a moment.

But is this realistic?

I think there are a couple of issues with this, mainly being what the player wants to do and, of course, what Major League Soccer will do.

The Rapids certainly would want a player of that caliber and they have ownership that can spend the money to make it happen.  And a player like Vela would make the team better.  Whether or not the Rapids ownership would spend that money is a different proposition all together.

But it seems like Vela would want to play in Chicago for the Fire or in San Jose for the Earthquakes.  And if that is the case, there is very little chance he would suit up in Burgundy.  It would be a simple thing for the Rapids to negotiate a trade with the Fire or the Quakes or some other team to get Vela to go where he wants to go.

And you can bet MLS will make that happen to get Vela into the league.