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Rapids Player Ratings vs Sporting Kansas City, Oct. 21, 2015

In a makeup game that should have been played earlier in the season following a rainout, the Colorado Rapids get an unexpected win in Kanas City. Perhaps this is the soccer gods looking favorably on the Rapids for having to make an extra trip to Kansas City. But coming off the bench late in the match, Juan Ramirez gets two assists and Dillon Powers and Marcelo Sarvas get the goals.

Dillon Powers chipping Tim Melia.
Dillon Powers chipping Tim Melia.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well Wednesday’s match result in Kansas City was unexpected. After an up-and-down match that saw box-to box play but no goals, the Colorado Rapids got two breaks and were able to finish them, earning a 2–0 win. You have to give it to the Rapids, they didn’t give up and they kept going at Sporting Kansas City and were rewarded with two goals.

One of those goals came after Sam Cronin made a stupid play and earned is second yellow. Well is first yellow was a poor play too. More on this later.

The Rapids defended well and had some good chances. Kevin Doyle had a good opportunity on a header from a Luis Solignac cross and was offsides when he should have taken a step back. Solignac had a couple good scoring chances but decided to pass on one and had a horrible finish on another.

Otherwise during the evening, SKC had many quality opportunities in front of the net and they kept putting them over the net. Of the 18 shots they took, only 3 were on target. That is not good for a team trying to lock themselves into a playoff spot.

Here is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath (7): Zac had a decent match and made the saves on the three shots that were on target. He did a decent job organizing the team and earned the shutout. I think he was saved in the later stages of the match when Sarvas cleared a ball that was headed for the corner of the net.

Marlon Hairston (6): Marlon is looking decent at right back but you can see the rustiness of not playing many matches this season. They way he took the ball off of Krisztian Nemeth was a veteran play. But stumbling over the ball in the box could have come back to hurt the Rapids. I hope he continues to get playing time. If he does he can grow into a quality player.

Sean St Ledger (5): Was decent in some parts of the match and had some stupid fouls in others. Putting his arms over Dominic Dwyer along the sideline on a throw-in and then putting his arms in the air like nothing happened is not cool. Just a stupid foul.

Axel Sjorberg (6): Axel had a strong match and it is always fun to watch him up against Dwyer. He was quite lucky not to be called for a handball in the box. His arm was clearly away from his body when the cross struck it. It should have been called. He was tentative after that play.

Lucas Pittinari (4): The incredible disappearing Lucas Pittinari. Besides a block I saw in the first half, I didn’t see much from him. He committed four fouls, but not much else.

Sam Cronin (1): As the Rapids team captain, and one of the more experienced members of this team, he should know better. His first yellow came in the first half, it was in the Rapids attacking end and both he and the Sporting KC player had their back toward the Rapids goal. Pointless play. His second yellow came after the Rapids were up 1–0 and he tried a slide tackle down the sideline. He didn’t even try for the ball. He could have easily got into a defensive stance and kept Jordi Quintilla pinned along the sideline. This game should cause the Rapids to question Cronin coming back next year. It was an unacceptable performance.

Luis Solignac (5): He worked hard and had a great cross to Doyle. But otherwise working hard did not do too much. His one shot was horrible.

Dillon Powers (8): Dillon Powers had a great evening. It reminds us of the Dillon Powers of old. He got the game winner when he got a great assist from Juan Ramirez and instead of driving the ball through Tim Melia, he chipped him. He has grown into this season and hopes are high he has a great one next year.

Dominique Badji (6): He had some good plays and almost had a goal in the first half. His first touch was just a little in front of him, otherwise he probably scores there. I have been impressed with his work rate and his play. He is growing into a good player. Let us hope he keeps getting time on the pitch.

Kevin Doyle (7): As previously mentioned, Doyle had a great opportunity with a diving header. But he was able to get to the ball and free Juan Ramirez and get the hockey second assist on Powers’ goal. Later, he probably could have scored his own goal if the Rapids could have found him.


Juan Ramirez (7): Let us hope that Ramirez has finally learned to move the ball quickly, because when he did he earned himself two great assists in this match. There were a few times he held onto the ball too long and got into trouble. But after coming on in the 74th minute, to get two assists and a yellow card he should get some award. Is that a Gordie Howe but in soccer?

Marcelo Sarvas (N/A): Came on in the 83rd minute but got a goal and saved one off the line. Not bad for 7 minutes of work.

Nick LaBrocca (N/A)

That is how I saw the match. What did you think?