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Colorado Rapids Apparel. Why Can't I Find It In The Airport

I know this is a silly complaint with the state of the Rapids right now, but why can't I buy Rapids gear at the airport.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I am out of town this week taking the Burgundy Wave show on the road as I head to Moscow, Idaho for business meetings.  It is a tough life as I write this is a airport pub watching UEFA Champions League football and enjoying an adult beverage.  All and all, not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.

As I am in the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport I am obviously going to see a fair amount of Seattle Seahawks gear or Seattle Mariners hats.  Cause, you know, it is Seattle and both of those teams are based there.  So, it's cool.  There is also plenty of college gear with the University of Washington being the most popular.

Again, it's cool, cause I am in Seattle.

But what else do I find...Seattle Sounders gear.  And a fair amount of it.

Which again, is cool, cause I am in Seattle.

But that made me think.......where is the Colorado Rapids gear in the Denver airport.  There is plenty of Denver Broncos gear, cause, you know, it's Denver.

There is Colorado Avalanche gear.  And there is Denver Nuggets gear.

But zero Colorado Rapids gear.

And I want to know why.  For a team that is struggling for fans and an identity in Denver, you would think there would be some sort of stand selling Rapids gear.  Hell, get a couple of shirts and some hats and put them right next to the Broncos shirts of Peyton Manning.

But maybe that is the issue.  See, the Broncos have stars such as Peyton Manning and Von Miller.  They are stars that are marketed and even the most casual of NFL fans would know their names.  Who are the Rapids stars?  Who are the Rapids faces?  I have heard that Dillon Powers, Dillon Serna and Juan Ramirez are the face of the franchise.  OK, fine.

Then market those players.  For a team that is falling further and further down the pecking order in its own sport and is nearly irrelevant in its home market, the club needs to do something.  If Powers, Serna and Ramirez are what you term the future of the club, then put them front and center.  Market those Lads.

And for goodness sakes, sell some Rapids gear at DIA and give people a chance to actually ask the question: what are the Colorado Rapids?