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What's Worse Than a Bad Rapids Team?

After no Rapids match this weekend, I had an epiphany: there is something worse than supporting a bad Rapids team!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What's worse than a bad Rapids team?

You could say, "Well, you could say that at least we're not the Chicago Fire!"  And that's true: at 8-19-6, the Chicago Fire have 30 points in an inferior conference, compared to the 8-14-10 Colorado Rapids who have 34 points.  We've given up only 39 goals to the Fire's 56, but the Fire have scored 42, in comparison to 30 for the Rapids.  30! In 32 games!  Hmm!  That's bad.

But there's something worse!

Well, you could find a way to trade away the future such as Dillon Powers or Dillon Serna or a guy I like a lot, Marlon Hairston.  You could continue to invest in veteran in the meantime, but lose the future by not investing in them in the meantime.  That's bad!

But there's something worse!

You could say, "We could maintain the same front office who keeps the same coach, make questionable personnel moves, project a positive direction when all indications seem to show a negative direction!"  While we can debate the merits of this thought, it's clear that there is, yes, some merit to this!  The Rapids are sticking with their coach at a point when most other teams would cut bait.  Yes, that's bad!

But there's something worse!

You could say, "Well, the protests that are trying to get off the ground!  You've got one group telling fans to wear green to protest the FO and ownership.  You've got a protest plane flying over the stadium for the second year in a row telling all who can read that the club is still a wreck!"  I'd say, yes, that's bad--not just the club, but even the protests themselves.  That's bad!

But there's something worse!

I could go on, but let me tell you what's worse!

What's worse is us going all Chivas USA!  What's worse is not having any team at all! The psychology of fandom is interesting to see because, quite frankly, whether a team is playing well or playing not-so-well, they still provide a unity, a commiseration of consolation, if you will.  In fact, I believe that these lean times are developing a stronger fan base in a backwards, upside-down, inside-out way.  The old adage of 'misery loves company' holds sway over the times we're facing now.

But, I'll take that over having no team at all. It's not, though, as if we had no Rapids we'd have no options!  But coming to DSGP, griping about the team afterwards, cheering winning streaks (yes, they still do happen)--it all brings us together to cheer for our home squad.

And then the season will end.  Then we'll speculate about moves.  Some guys will come, some will go! Then we'll have a glimmer of hope coming to 2016 season.  Fresh start, clean slate, let's do it all again.  Together!

So yes, we have lean times.  But I'll take those over nothing at all.