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How Many Fans Came Out To The "Fortress" In 2015?

The season (home) portion of the Rapids schedule has ended. How many people came out to Dick's Sporting Goods Park?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids season is nearly over with just two matches remaining before all of the off-season work (and debate) begins.  The remaining schedule is not kind and it is difficult to see a victory in these remaining matches:

at Sporting Kansas City on October 21

at Portland Timbers on October 25

But how did the Rapids fair at home this season?  How were attendance figures?

When I sat down with Rapids President Tim Hinchey in February he felt that building a home fortress was critical to the Rapids success in 2015.  Well, that did not exactly happen this season at home:

5 wins

7 losses

5 draws

Getting a result in 10 of 17 home matches is completely and utterly unacceptable and the five wins is the worst mark in Major League Soccer this season.

Let that sink in for a moment.....

So I took a look at the attendance figures and compared that to the form at home.  Did the poor home record mean less fans at the park?  (and this figure is based on numbers reported and I know that there have been games that have looked waaaaaaaay more empty then reported)

Year Attendance Win Loss Draw
2007 14,749 6 4 5
2008 13,659 7 5 3
2009 13,018 8 2 5
2010 13,329 8 2 5
2011 14,838 6 2 9
2012 15,175 8 6 3
2013 15,440 10 3 4
2014 15,082 6 6 5
2015 15,657 5 7 5

Bold represents playoff years

So it is no secret that if the Rapids play well at home they are more likely than not to make the playoffs.  In the nine season since the Rapids moved to Dick's Sporting Goods Park they have lose three or fewer games at home four times in the span and have made the playoffs three of those years.

Not rocket science here:  play well at home...make the playoffs

But what I found interesting is that the Rapids were largely dreadful at home this season and more people came out to watch the team play in the DSGP era then any other year.  Now that could have something to do with David Villa, Steven Gerrard, and Didier Drogba playing in Commerce City this year.  Or it could have something to do with the sales and service team doing a better job getting people out to the park.

Honestly, I do not know.

But what I do know is that if this team does not improve its home form people will stop coming out.  The Rapids have got to improve in 2016, especially at home, or these numbers will drop.  There are those of us who will come out regardless, but for those casual fans:

"what incentive is there to come out and watch a team that wins just 30% of their home matches?"

I would love to hear the Rapids answer that question