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How Did The Rapids Win Matches?

Was it luck? If not, what did we do differently in all of the losses?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I'm usually an extremely positive person, but I feel like I keep getting thrown into some sort of sports limbo where I am nothing but negative regarding the Rapids, and I can't even watch soccer without feeling angry. The Colorado Rapids and the USMNT have had an absolutely devastating week and to add to it all MLS released power rankings and we sit at the bottom again. They also gave us a full look at the RESULTS MAP for the year and the ability to click on each of the games to watch the match recap from each. So I got to relive all 8 of our wins (i'm assuming we don't get another one) and it got me thinking, "How did the Rapids win matches this year?"

April 10th (COL 4 - DAL 0)

We came off of a string of draws and one loss and this might be one of the best performances of the season. I noticed watching the recap that the players actually looked like they were still having fun out there too.

May 23rd (COL 1 - VAN 0)

OUR FIRST WIN AT HOME!! We have this teams number and I have no idea why.

July 4th (COL 2 - VAN 1), July 11th (COL 3 - RSL 1), July 18th (COL 1 - SEA 0)

I wish these wins never happened, they gave me hope that this team might be able to make a run. These matches were also against pretty good opponents. I remember some people at the time said we won because of the other teams injuries and international call ups, but thats a sign of a good team right? Winning games against teams you should beat?

August 22nd (COL 1 - CHI 0), August 26th (COL 2 - HOU 1), August 29th (COL 2 - SPKC 1)

We had just gotten through three straight losses from really good teams and we do this?! The Rapids confuse me so much and after this string of wins we still had a chance at the playoffs. WHY ARE WE SO INCONSISTENT!?

As fans we can come up with an extremely long list of why we lose games, but why do we win games? I hope for the sake of next year its not just luck.

I want to hear what you guys think below!