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Colorado Rapids Player Ratings vs Montreal Impact, October 10, 2015

Another disappointing performance for the Rapids. It was nice to see the younger players getting an opportunity but this match was there for the taking but the Rapids could not find the back of the net.

Solignac holds off Camara.
Solignac holds off Camara.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The match was typical of the Colorado Rapids all season. They missed chances early and gave up a goal at home allowing the opposing team to sit back and prevent the Rapids from getting the equalizer. The Montreal Impact beat the Colorado Rapids 1–0.

It came down to a superb goal from Didier Drogba in the 15’ following a yellow to Dillon Powers. I think Zac MacMath could have played it better though. He was thinking the wall had him protected that side. He just did not think Drogba could get the ball up and down from there.

The rest of the match showed the play the Colorado Rapids have carried all season. Juan Ramirez holding on to the ball too long, failure to find the striker on crosses and Lucas Pittinari jogging back after turning over the ball.

For the Rapids sake, thank goodness the season is almost over.

This is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath (5): MacMath gets his first start of the year for the Rapids in MLS action and has a decent game. He probably played the Drogba goal incorrectly but did not get caught on the long ball late in the first half.

Marlon Hairston (6): He had a decent match and did well at right back. It will be nice to see him play there the rest of the season and get some good experience against playoff teams. He did get caught coming across before the Dillon Power foul, but he was helping cover.

Sean St. Ledger (5): Had a decent game coming off the horrible match last week. Otherwise he didn’t do too much. Did get too deep on a Power cross in the first half. It was there for the taking if he timed his run better.

Axel Sjoberg (7): He played like a true veteran against Drogba in this match. He didn’t back down to the veteran and did a good job controlling him. It was nice to see Axel in the match as a center back.

Drew Moor (5): Drew moved from the right to the left for this match and did a good job in this position. He was able to keep everyone in check and get some good crosses in. He did get burned by Oduro in the second half.

Sam Cronin (5): Cronin was fouled three times and otherwise had a quiet evening. He did spend a lot of time putting crosses in. But otherwise unimpressive.

Lucas Pittinari (3): I think this match showed the true Lucas Pittinari. He turned the ball over late in the match and got up and jogged back towards his own goal. He then had the ball passed to him and started jogging up the pitch knowing they needed a goal to equalize. A player needs to show more urgency there. He did have a great shot that almost equalized it at the end. Elevate the ball a little and that is probably a goal.

Juan Ramirez (3): As mentioned before, Juan kept the ball too long. I think he is more concerned with earning a foul than moving the ball quickly. He has some potential, but seems to not have grown this year. Took a stupid yellow card protesting a foul call.

Dillon Powers (4): Took a soft yellow early in the match that led to Drogba’s goal. While I feel for Romero, he seemed not to stumble until long after Powers had touched him. Powers had some good crosses and an otherwise good match. But giving up a free kick in that position with Drogba on the pitch is not a good idea.

Dominique Badji (5): Badji had a gift header and he put it over the bar. That play would have given the Rapids all the momentum early in the match. He needs to finish that. He had a decent evening and would be nice to see him get more time.

Luis Solignac (4): This is the most passion I have seen Solignac play with all season. That said he really did not do much in this match. He never got the ball in a good position or did much to help his teammates out. When your striker only has one shot (not on goal) than it is not a good match.


Vicente Sanchez (6): He came on and had the backs for Montreal wondering where he was going to go with the ball. He took five decent corners to give the Rapids a chance.

Joseph Greenspan (N/A): Came on late and the defenseman went straight to the forward position.

That is how I saw the match. What do you think?