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Colorado Rapids vs Montreal Impact: Man of the Match Voting

In the final home match of the year, the Rapids dropped a 1-0 decision to Montreal.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids took to their home pitch for the final time in 2015 and loss 1-0 to Montreal Impact on the strength of a superbly taken free kick from Didier Drogba.  It was a tremendous blast that gave the Impact all three points, and sent the home fans home disappointed.

Thoughts from Rapids Gaffer Pablo Mastroeni:

On the match...

On the field, we had some really good opportunities, but it's about goals. Today again, I thought we had two or three really good chances to finish and on any other given day it's a different story. We lost to a world-class striker. Like I've said from the beginning of the year, If you don't get the result it's hard to validate anything. The guys did a great job of creating some good opportunities. I think we had eighteen crosses, a bunch of corners, and you've got to make something happen with that.

I think everything has been great this year until the final third, and at that point it just kind of fizzles out. Today was no different. Obviously we were missing some players, but everyone else is as well so it's not an excuse by any stretch. It's unfortunate that these guys work so hard, play very well and regardless of what anyone else thinks, I know good football when I see it. The numbers will validate that as well. It was one moment, one set-piece that defined this game.

On Drogba's goal...

This guy has been scoring at the Premier League level for all these years and that's what millions gets you. It's the goal in the critical moment, so he's a world-class players. You talk about not committing any fouls and to be fair I don't if that was a foul or not. When he's anywhere near the ball in or around goal he's one of the most prolific strikers in the world.

On the way the defenders contained Drogba...

I think Axel [Sjӧberg] did a fantastic job and Sean [St. Ledger] as well. I think Axel was really able to body him up and I think Axel from the beginning imposed himself from a physical perspective. What happens is, your opponent begins to think about you versus how he's going to create and do some things.

On Marlon Hairston's performance...

I thought Marlon did a good job on both sides of the ball. I think he's a got a ways to go, but for a young kid who has gone to Charlotte, come back, hasn't played, been patient, worked extremely hard, and put forth a performance on both sides of the ball, it's very promising for him. It's what he needed to continue believing that he can play that position and that he's got a great career ahead of him if continues to work extremely hard.

On who else is contributing offensively other than Sánchez...

I think Vicente [Sánchez] has what no one else on our team has. Especially in that final third, the ability to create something off the dribble or create something 1v1. I think there is still an acclimation period for Juan Ramίrez still an acclimation period for Luis Solignac. I think Powers in the last five or six games is slowly starting to find his form and his rhythm again. I think it's been an area where we've been inefficient and there's no getting around that.

So who was your Rapids Man of the Match?  Let us know in the poll below!