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Game Recap: Rapids 0:1 Montreal. Rapids Go Out With A Wimper

The Rapids dropped another match at home....this time on fan appreciation night.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I actually had a great afternoon.  We had a big tailgate for the Lad turning 6 and the Colorado Rapids provided him an awesome birthday gift.  It was a great day as we had our besties there and I had my parents with us.  The weather was terrific, and the scene was perfect.

All except the result.

Sadly, the Rapids were undone by a Montreal Impact goal from Didier Drogba that was tremendous in class and beauty early in the first half.  This happens.  But what also happens is the Rapids continued inability to find an equalizer and this ultimately was the undoing of the Burgundy Boys.

I would like to be upset.

I would like to get all pissed off and swear and rant and scream.

But this result was all too predictable.  And so I am going to focus on the positive:  a great day with my family and friends.

But make no mistake here:  the Rapids are not a good team and it will be quite a while before they are.

And that is what makes me truly upset.