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Handicapping Ye Olde Golden Boot Race In Commerce City

Out of the playoff race? Sure, but that does not mean a lack of things to look at.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So the Colorado Rapids are out of the playoff race and really the season is just down to two things:

1) Beating Real Salt Lake and taking back the Rocky Mountain Cup

2) And who wins the Rapids Golden Boot in 2015.

I know it is a bit laughable to talk about the Golden Boot for a team that has only scored 29 goals (in 30 games) but it still something to keep an eye out on.  Previous winners of the Golden Boot for the Rapids:

Year Player Goals Scored
2007 Jovan Kirovski 6
2008 Conor Casey 11
2009 Conor Casey 16
2010 Omar Cummings 14
2011 Jeff Larentowicz 7
2012 Jamie Castrillon 8
2013 Deshorn Brown 10
2014 Deshorn Brown 10

This year, goals are a bit hard to come by, but there are a few players who have a shot at the Boot with four games left:

Four Goals

Kevin Doyle, Vicente Sanchez, Gabriel Torres

Three Goals

Dillon Serna

Two Goals

Bobby Burling, Dillon Powers

So who has the best shot at this?  With two home games left (RSL and Montreal Impact) and two rough road contests (at Portland Timbers and Sporting Kansas City), goals will be tough to come by.  The Rapids have scored just 11 goals (in 15 games) on the road this year and with their 18 at home (in 15 games) it is quite conceivable they get shut out at least once.  And with Serna poised to miss two games due to International Duty and Doyle possibly missing the RSL match (injury) it really comes down to:

Vicente Sanchez or Gabriel Torres

Assuming both players stay healthy, I have to lean towards Sanchez.  His form has been better than Torres and Gabby has not scored since May.  And Torres will miss the Montreal game for International Duty with Panama.  One caveat with this one, it is possible that Sanchez does not play on the plastic grass in Portland in the season ender which could benefit Torres, but I still think Sanchez will be the guy.  He is the one creative spark that the Rapids have had this year, and I have to think the offense will run through him.

So what do you think Rapids fans?  Is Sanchez your choice for the Golden Boot?  Let us know in the comment section below!