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2014 Review: Match 21--Rapids at Revolution

The 2014 Review continues in what would be the first loss of seven in a row for the Rapids as they end 2014 on a 0-12-2 skid.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

There are a number of things that have been said and unsaid about the 2014 year for the Colorado Rapids.  I think that some of it has been fair and some of it has been unfair.  But the one thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that the Rapids ended the year on a 0-12-2 run.

Looking back at this match, and the entirety of the 2014 year, this was not a bad loss.  The Rapids were traveling to Foxboro on short rest, playing a New England Revolution team that had lost 8 in a row.  Something was going to give.  So, for me, the 3-0 loss was not the most terrible thing in the world.  It had a flavor of predictability.

Here are the relevant statistics for this match:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
at New England Revolution 8 3 1 393 72% 47.3% 15 8
2014 Second Half Averages 14 5.7 3 416 76% 50.6% 10.5 5.2
2014 Full Season Averages 13.3 4.7 2.8 426.4 79% 51.2% 10.8 4.2

SOG:  Shots on Goal.  BS:  Blocked Shots.  TP:  Total Passes.  PA:  Passing Accuracy.  POSS:  Possession

Record after 21 Matches:

Hero of the Match:  No one in particular. This was a poor match for the Rapids as a whole, but they played well enough for 73 minutes to at least be in it.  And the first New England goal was a bit fortuitous.  Clint Irwin had 5 saves for the Rapids and could not do much on the three goals but no one had a "great" game.

Goat of the Match: Thomas Piermayr. In the 73rd minute the game was 1-0 to the Revolution.  In the 74th minute, Piermayr was booked for a second time and sent off.  New England promptly scored in the 75th and 78th minute to kill of the game.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Now, you could say that maybe the second booking was weak, but that is a flawed argument.  If you are on a yellow, no matter how you got it, you have to be more aware of what is going on.  Piermayr should have done better.   Sure, a 1-0 loss is still a loss, but if you are down 1-0 and there is still 17 minutes left in a match, you are still in it.  Down 3-0 with 12 minutes left--game over.