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What Must Go Into the Fan Experience at DSGP?

Fan experiences at stadiums may cost teams more money, but the short-term loss in cash will be a long-term gain as far as memories. The result? Lifelong fans through thick and thin.

What would help put yourself in these seats come gameday?
What would help put yourself in these seats come gameday?
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Ownership and front offices must never, ever underestimate the fan experiences--and this goes especially for our beloved Rapids and the venue at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  Being good stewards of the revenue that comes in from fans is important for ownership. The bottom line is often not the bottom line--meaning, the goal of a team should never be to turn a profit, but to turn hearts toward team loyalty.

What goes into making ownership and the FO provide a great fan experience--an experience that makes someone who is on the fence about whether to come to the game or not say, "I can't miss this!"

  1. Ease in and out of stadiums. When it comes to DSGP, I park in regular parking, for if I leave right after the game from STH parking, it takes five times as long.  I'm not sure what can be done about this, and maybe I should stop my griping for it's much shorter than, say, getting out of Broncos games.  I give DGSP a 7 out of 10.
  2. Getting into the games.  I have no complaints.  Whether getting tickets at will-call, printing out tickets, or using FlashSeats, they have plenty of help. (10 out of 10).
  3. Honoring a local 'hero.' This is likely just me, but when they feature someone before the game or at halftime that's a local 'hero' of sorts, that says a lot to me.  It conveys that the Rapids wish to be a part of the community.
  4. Top-flight team representatives. When I have a question about the game beforehand, sending an e-mail or calling the appropriate office means a lot.  If I hear someone who's not pumped about me calling and inquiring, they convey that not only the Rapids mean little, but that the fan means little.  I've had great experiences in this area--and I hope you have as well.
  5. Concessions.  Being only a season-ticket holder for one year, you learn quickly what to avoid and what to go after.  I still struggle with paying $4.50 for a hot dog, especially when my wife and four children come with me, or $7 for a slice of Marco's Pizza (especially when I'm used to Little Caesar's $5 Hot-n-Readys.  I know we pay for convenience, but sheesh! (4 out of 10).
  6. Kid-friendly/family-friendly experiences.  For STHs, my children have had experiences in being on the field for various games and flag-holding--that hooked them.  I wish the Rapids provided more kid-friendly fun times at the stadium, especially at halftime.  Like what?  No clue--that's above my paygrade.  (5/10)
  7. An entertaining, talented, competitive product on the field.  Truth be told, I wonder if we would have conversations about the 'fan experience' or the lack thereof if our team performed better in 2014.  Even if the team underperforms, hearing from the FO acknowledging the problems and how they will address the solution would go a long way.  There exists room for improvement. (5/10)
I thought about adding tailgating, but that's a fan-fueled activity--and I imagine that this is a favorite due to the relationships developed.

What say you?  What do you like or not like about the fan experiences at DSGP?  What would you add?  Send a tweet to @rapidssouthstds or leave a comment!