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Colorado Rapids reportedly looking at Fulham F Hugo Rodallega

Could the Fulham striker be the second DP that the Rapids are seeking?

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret now that the Colorado Rapids are looking for a second designated player to add to their strikeforce this season. It's been said that they're looking for someone with Premier League experience -- not a Frank Lampard of course, but a player worthy of the DP label. A few names have been thrown around, but the most popular one at the moment is that of Hugo Rodallega of Fulham.

Numerous sources around the internet including this Spanish article, have had the Rapids keen on the Colombian star.

Fulham aren't in the Prem anymore, but Rodallega's level of talent is lower-tier Premier League quality, as he proved with many starts at both Wigan and Fulham. Past his time in England, the Colombian has also had long stints in Mexico and his home country. He has 43 caps and 8 goals for Colombia during his time there, as well. Hugo has 6 months left on his Fulham contract, leaving a potential opening for Colorado to swoop in.

He might not be quite as high-level a player as Rapids fans would be hoping for, but as far as established strikers in the world go, you could do far worse if you were the Rapids and looking for a second DP.