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2014 Review: Match 25--Rapids vs Galaxy

A humorous look at the August 20 match which was one of the more gut-wrenching defeats of the 2014 Rapids Review.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This is how Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy match went for me:

After 10 minutes: we are tied 0-0!  Wait a minute, we are not losing yet!

After 20 minutes:  Holy Cow!  We are up 2-0.  ON THE GALAXY!  Edson Buddle got his 100th!  We might, just might...

After 21 minutes:  Damn it.  What in the hell was Chris Klute doing?  Do you realize that you are playing against Robbie Fricking Keane?  You might want to mark that guy.

After 30 minutes:  Me (to my buddy Nick)--did you see the cannon from Marc Burch!  Dude has got a leg!  We are up 3-1 and YES, I want that third beer!

HALFTIME:  Look at that score--Rapids 3-1 Galaxy.  Could it be true?  Could we break this streak?  Against the Galaxy?  Maybe?  Just Maybe?

The defense, in its first game without Captain Colorado Drew Moor, isn't looking too bad so far.  Jared Watts is holding his own.  Hell, we might be able to do this.

After 54 minutes:  We are absorbing a lot of pressure, but so far we are doing OK.  WHAT REF?  THAT IS NOT A FOUL.  HOW IN THE CRAP CAN YOU CALL THAT?  A poor foul right in front of us on the East Side makes me get nervous.  I look over at Nick...

"Man, that was a BS foul and we are going to get punished for it"

After 55 minutes:  I am pissed off as Landon Donovan delivers a gorgeous ball to the gigantic Omar Gonzalez to make it 3-2.  I am upset about the terrible call, but the defense needs to get a man on a man.

After 61 minutes: So Watts is hurt now.  How did our season come down to relying on him?!?  Come on Pablo, we have faith in you!  Bring in Thomas Piermayr!

Wait, What?  You are bringing in a rookie?  For his FIRST MINUTES IN MLS?  Against the Galaxy?  Pablo what are you doing?

Me:  Nick, why are the bringing in Grant Van de Casteele?

Nick:  Who in the hell is that?

Me: Someone who is about to get abused by the Galaxy.

From a distance I can see Alan "Elbows" Gordon salivating hoping Bruce Arena puts him in.

After 63 minutes:  Panic sets in.  Pablo knows his defense can't hold this lead.  So he is bringing in Vicente Sanchez thinking that the Rapids are going to need a 4th goal.

After 65 minutes:  The Rapids killer, Alan Gordon, has entered the field.  I now have this sinking suspicion that this game is going to be a loss.

After 68 minutes:  I just hate Alan Gordon.  (OK, not really--I don't 'hate' anyone, but man he pisses me off).  It is now tied and the Rapids are sinking faster than Howard Dean's political career.

After 80 minutes:  Well, we are now losing.  That #10 for LA is damn good and our defense is shite.  VDC and Burch got abused.  And badly.  Why, oh why did Mastroeni not bring in Piermayr?

Game Over:  It is such a familiar and common story.  The Rapids lose a heartbreaker in a match where they could have won.  They were up 2-0 and 3-1 and end up losing 4-3.  I wan't to be pissed off and angry, but this has become a theme for this team and I am becoming numb to it.