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Don Garber to make 'important announcement' in Colorado next week

What magical announcement will Don Garber be making? Something completely out of the blue? Perhaps the All Star Game at DSGP?

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced by MLS today that Don Garber will be joining Josh Kroenke in Colorado next Wednesday to make what is being called an 'important announcement'.

It seems quite unlikely that the Kroenke family are selling the team out of the blue like this and their stadium isn't even a decade old yet, so a new stadium announcement is also probably out. (Sorry, Commerce City haters.) That leaves only a couple of other possibilities, the most logical and popularly guessed at the moment being the All Star Game coming to Colorado this season.

If Colorado does get the All Star Game, it would be their first time hosting the event since they got the honor back when Dick's Sporting Goods Park opened in 2007. In that match, they hosted Celtic FC of Scotland, and the teams the MLS All-Star Team have faced have only gotten bigger since then. Might we see a Manchester United or Real Madrid at DSGP this year?

I suppose we'll find out next Wednesday.