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Alexi Lalas reports Colorado Rapids have traded for Marcelo Sarvas

If this rumor is true, it's one of the most intriguing by the Rapids so far this off-season.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen big moves announced on MLS SuperDraft day many times before, and the Colorado Rapids have been involved. Remember back in 2013 when they lost Jeff Larentowicz for a draft pick? Alexi Lalas dropped a bombshell that might end up being the biggest injections of talent by the Rapids in a while when he tweeted during the twilight of the draft that he was hearing that midfielder Marcelo Sarvas had been traded to Colorado.

A stalwart player with the LA Galaxy for the past couple of seasons, Sarvas was part of the best core in MLS alongside Juninho, the secret inner engine that kept the Galaxy running even as the superstar attackers were always the ones getting the press. Sarvas is certainly no spring chicken at age 33, but his skill is still top class in Major League Soccer, as he continued to show throughout last season as he contributed to an MLS Cup win for his team.

Nobody has had any word on this story other than Lalas, so we're not taking it as gospel just yet. Still, it's rare that a big name like Lalas or Taylor Twellman has a story like this with no backing to it, so it's going to be an interesting evening. For a team desperate to add talent in the back half of the midfield, Sarvas would be a joy of a signing for the Rapids to make.