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2015 MLS SuperDraft: How to watch

MLS will be providing a live stream of the MLS Superdraft.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids will have the 19th and 26th overall selections in the SuperDraft today, which is slated to begin right around the time that this post is published.

Unfortunately, this season, unlike past seasons, the draft is not going to be televised on ESPN or any other channel. Instead, Sirius XM Radio will be broadcasting it and there will also be a livestream of the event provided by Major League Soccer on the internet.

Feel free to use this post to chat about what's going on at the MLS Draft this season, especially since the Rapids are probably going to be waiting a while unless they have some sort of enormous trade lined up like they did back in 2013 when Jeff Larentowicz got traded for the pick that ended up turning into Dillon Powers.