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OK Rapids fans, what do we bring on: Tammy Wynette or some TNT?

Tammy Wynette sang a song years ago called, "Stand By Your Man!" After a seven-game losing streak (the last being the most disturbing score of all at 6-0 to the Galaxy), do we stand by our team, or should we blow it up?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm in Trinidad and Tobago on a missions trip as I write this. It's hot, humid, but I'm surrounded by great people 3500 miles from home. But thanks to the power of technology, I'm able catch the gamecast on the MLS Soccer app of the Rapids visit to the Hub of Stub to play the Galaxy. That, coupled with chatting with my friend and keeping up with a Rapids Facebook discussion group, would help me stay connected.

We beat them 1-0 back on May 3rd, and scored three impressive goals on them a scant 2+ weeks ago. I hold out hope that we will match up well.

I should have said a few more prayers, apparently.

The reactions varied. All agreed Nasco's red card thirty-four seconds in was foolhardy (a great NFL tackle, mind you, but not the kind this beautiful game desires)--but now he's immortalized in the record books. Unanimous on his decision.

But then it gets a bit more nuanced. Some hearken to mind the old country singer Tammy Wynette, with the words changed a bit to "Stand by your Pids. Let's get behind them and encourage them."

Others want to get behind them with some TNT, from the front office all the way down to the laundry guy--"This thing needs to be blown up." Injuries aside (although they do play a factor when studs like Shane O'Neill and Drew Moor are absent), the players provided by the front office, the (rookie) coaching work of Pablo, the medical team--all are true question marks right now.

Even the best coaches of our day struggled in their rookie seasons, but they built upon their mistakes, turning their missteps into momentum for the future. Coach Mastroeni is every bit the rookie coach, and every misstep is magnified--the momentum right now has shifted in reverse. Negative momentum to the point where many fans (this one included) are wondering where the points will come from.

Clearly, some changes need to be made, and some great discernment is needed.

So where are you? Goin' all Tammy Wynette or breakin' out the TNT?