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Joe Nasco likely to start against LA Galaxy

After impressing in his debut against the Sounders, Nasco might get his second start of the season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The point where we pretty much knew that the 2012 season was done and dusted is when it became clear that Oscar Pareja was simply trying out a 'throw shit at a wall until it sticks' method of roster selection. Welcome to 2014, where we're going to see Joe Nasco starting two games in a row because why the hell not!

The Rapids did look better defensively against the Seattle Sounders with Nasco in goal, but small sample size is definitely a thing, and this move honestly makes no sense in the long run. It reminds me of Oscar Pareja's insistence of playing mostly veterans over young'uns back in 2012 because he was insistent on the Rapids fighting for a playoff spot until the very end.

If the Rapids do beat the Galaxy this time around, just as it wasn't Clint Irwin's fault that they allowed four last time around, it's very unlikely to be Nasco's doing this time.