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Colorado Rapids rumored signing could be former Fulham, Bolton, Aston Villa CB Zat Knight

A tall, veteran center back is desperately needed in Colorado right now, and Knight would provide such a player.

Tom Shaw

It was announced by the Colorado Rapids -- I'd say 'leaked', but come on -- a couple of days ago that they were looking to add a late-season signing onto the team in the form of a veteran central defender, one with national team experience and plenty of time spent in their league's top division. Yesterday, it came out that the Rapids were interested in one Zat Knight, formerly of Fulham, Bolton Wanderers and Aston Villa.

Knight would add some much needed height and some much needed veteran leadership into a back-line that is currently destroyed due to injuries. The 6'6'' 34-year-old probably won't stick around past this season, and is likely going to represent nothing more than a stopgap solution for the reeling Rapids, but it's still good to see that they're trying something to patch up the dreadful defense that has been responsible for the majority of the awful August losing streak.