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Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes - Player ratings

Once again the Rapids were their own worst enemy in a gut wrenching 1-1 tie with the Quakes.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rapids faced San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and played a decent game, but were undone again by a lack of defending as they gave up the equalizer at the death in a 1-1 tie.  It was not a great game of soccer to watch, but the Rapids did enough to win the match, but somehow manage to find a way to lose a grip on a game that they had no business not winning.  Four matches are left in the season for the Rapids to find a victory, but things look bleak in Commerce City.

Here is how I saw the match:

Joe Nasco 6

Nasco was largely effective on the evening, but did not do enough to get his defense set on the final play and as a goalkeeper he has to take charge in the back.

Chris Klute 7

This was a very solid performance by Klute on the evening and grabbed the assist that was the game winner go ahead goal.  He looked great going forward and was more comfortable in the back.

Shane O'Neill 6

O'Neill looked to be standing around on the Quakes final play and if he was able to get a body on his man, Atiba Harris does not have a chance to score the equalizer.

Marvell Wynne 6

Wynne had the armband on for the final 30 minutes of the match and for the most part looked better in the middle of the pitch then he had done previously.  That being said, he needs to be the rock in the defense and that defense afforded San Jose way too much space on their goal.

Marc Burch 6

Burch turned in another decent performance begging the question what he role will be in the defense going forward into 2015.  Is he a starter?  Or is he a substitute.

Dillon Serna 6

Serna is a good offensive player, but still struggles on the defensive end of the field.  He seemed lost at times when asked to play defense.

Jose Mari 5.5

Mari, get physical on Harris.  You get physical on Harris, he does not score.

Nick LaBrocca 6

Against a team like San Jose, LaBrocca was able to use his physical skills and help slow down the San Jose attack, and added one of the four shots on goal.

Dillon Powers 5.5

Powers did not have his best game.  Not sure that he is suited to play on the outside, and seemed to lack his characteristic quality play and passing.

Gabriel Torres 7.5

Torres plays.  Torres scores.  Strikers need games to get in the groove.  Play the man every game.

Deshorn Brown 6

Brown has flashes of brilliance on the night, and then allows himself to get into an offside position.  He has to have better awareness of his surroundings as if he stays onside, that is a goal.


Vicente Sanchez 6

Sanchez made his return to the field from injury and contributed three shots on the night (none on goal)