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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - The good, the bad, the ugly

The Burgundy Boys showed some improvement at the C-Link, but it was still not enough to arrest the slide that has derailed their season.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A sixth consecutive loss was Colorado Rapids reward for a trip to Century Link Field to play Seattle Sounders FC, but there were also some signs of hope in the Rapids play.  It is important to remember that the Rapids have only beaten the Sounders twice in their history of playing each other and has never come away with full points from the C-Link.  They were playing an offensive juggernaut and a solid defensive team that has an excellent shot of averaging two points a match this season.  Simply put, Seattle is an excellent team.  But unlike other matches, the Rapids did not concede early and were by and large able to handle what Seattle threw at them.  Yes, it was still a loss, but a small light at the end of the tunnel could be seen

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Colorado Rapids--Round 25

The Good: Depth (seriously)

The Rapids have struggled the bulk of the year with depth.  From the injuries along the back line to questionable midfield depth, the Rapids have had a difficult time when dealing with dips in form, injuries or suspensions.  But strangely enough, there has been no such issue with the Goalkeeper position.  Joe Nasco made his MLS debut this past weekend and was solid between the posts, and showed that when starter Clint Irwin is not playing, the Rapids are OK in that area.  Coupled with John Berner, the Rapids are solid at goalkeeper.

The Bad: If it is not one thing, it's the other

The Rapids were solid defensively against the Sounders, but poor offensively.  This follows a pattern of one aspect of their game going well and another going poorly.  The Rapids have simply not put a complete game together since the Chivas USA match in July.  Either they play well defensively and can't score, or they get ripped in the back and are able to score goals (please see the LA Galaxy match).  The offense was terrible against the Sounders, managing a meager two shots on goal.  That is not a mark of a playoff team.

The Ugly: Play Torres or Release Him

I simply do not understand why Gabriel Torres is not starting.  I know that I bring this up frequently, but it makes no sense why he is not in the XI.  Are you telling me that Edson Buddle is a better option up top?  How can that be when Torres is not even given a shot.  Please, Rapids--play him or release him.

The Rapids wrap a brutal two game road trip with a trip to the Stub Hub Center to play the Galaxy.  After the last match against the Galaxy, and with the form that they are in, it is tough to see a positive result coming our Burgundy Boys way.  But the defense showed some improvement with Thomas Piermayr and Marvell Wynne in the middle, and perhaps the Boys can find a way to put a complete performance and come away with a result.