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Colorado Rapids 1 San Jose Earthquakes 1 - Same ol' Same ol'

Yep, to the surprise of nobody the Rapids drew 1-1 against an equally terrible team.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be honest; I'm actually happy with the result on Saturday night, but only because I thought there had never been a match in MLS history more perfectly engineered to end 0-0 than the Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes match. Neither team was good, neither team could attack worth much of anything... I went in expecting the consumate nil-nil draw in this one.

The idea here is that when your expectations are that low, great things can still happen. In this particular case, the Rapids blew another late-match lead, but actually did quite well during the match on the whole. Not that it helped anything, but at this point progress is progress, amirite?

I am not rite, I've got a hunch.

Anyway, the match was somewhat evenly squared, with chances on both sides and a slight Rapids tinge, through the first half and into the second. Eventually, Gabriel Torres (hey, he's been let loose!) acted the potential hero with a tap-in in the 84th minute, which looked for a short time like it would be the much-needed tonic to cure the winless streak. Unfortunately, Atiba Harris (who the hell else could it be?) had an answer in stoppage time to secure a 1-1 draw at DSGP.

I'd have more to say, but I couldn't hear anything over the Poudre High School Marching Band.