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Pablo Mastroeni's goalkeeping rotation remains silly

Pablo Mastroeni has spent the last several weeks confounding people with the silliest goalkeeping controversy ever; thankfully, it might end on Saturday.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Though the majority of the criticisms that have been thrown at Pablo Mastroeni are very similar to the criticisms we heard against Oscar Pareja back in 2012, (He's lost the locker room! He can't coach a defense! He can't coach an offense!) there's at least one aspect of coaching that he has been notably worse at than Oscar: roster management. It's been a theme all season long: Pablo makes head-scratching decisions game-in and game-out

The absolute dumbest of those odd man management issues has been the 'goalkeeping controversy' of the past month or two. Here's how it went: The Rapids suffered a few vital injuries on defense at the same time as a particularly rough patch in the schedule. Predictably, the Rapids started leaking goals left and right. With absolutely nothing else working, he decided to go back to the tried-and-true shit at the wall toss method of roster selection, and he pulled Clint Irwin -- let's get it straight: the hilarious goal-leaking was, if his fault at all, only in a miniscule fashion -- in favor of Joe Nasco in a shock move against Seattle. After the best defensive game in a while, Pablo decided that correlation equaled causation and a goalkeeping controversy was born!

That goalkeeping controversy led to possibly the worst two-game stretch in the history of goalkeeping from Joe Nasco sandwiching a pretty bad performance from John Berner in the match against the Portland Timbers. In all, they got outscored 13-3 in those three matches, all the while Pablo was preaching the psychological something-something of something as a reason why Irwin wasn't getting back in.

Fortunately, it looks like we'll be back in business with the status quo come Saturday.

Thank goodness. Let's hope Pablo takes this as one of many lessons he can take about man management this season: Tossing shit at a wall to see what sticks is not a particularly good system.