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A Conversation with a Rapids fan KEVBERTO

If fans determine the identity of clubs, then it's only right that we talk to fans about the Rapids, who they are, and who the Rapids are. We've talked to one Rapids family (and hopefully will talk to more) but we also wanted to talk to other loyal denizens of Dick's Sporting Goods Park. I sent a few questions to kevberto, and here's what he had to say.

DSG Park
DSG Park
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Kevin (@kevberto) is a radio producer in Colorado. That's what he does for a living. He's also been a Rapids fan since back in the day, and has also contributed a Podcast "Our Rapids Rant" with a friend and co-worker, Don Pablo (@donpablo303). In many ways, Kevin is a lot like other Rapids fans I've met: smart, creative, and friendly. Kevin also, being a fan of the Mexican National Team and of Liga MX, has a different soccer background than other Rapids fans. In fact, when others were panning the move for Vicente Sanchez, (I'm looking at you Rapids Mile High Club) Kevin was one of the few people I knew of who was genuinely excited about the guy because he knew about his history at Toluca.

Boy, was he right.

It's great to add his voice to the group.

How long have you been a Rapids fan, and when was your first game?

I've been watching since 1996, originally supported the Rapids because my cousins came to the games and used to tell me all about it over the phone. I did that for the first 2 seasons while I lived in California and they just wouldn't stop telling me about how cool it was, which of course created the urge of coming up here to see them live. 1998 after begging my parents to make a trip out here is when I attended my first Rapids game (Rapids vs Fire), couldn't stop following them ever since.

Who is, for you, the epitome of what a Rapids player should be? What is it about that player that says "this is a real Rapids player"? What quality do you like to see in players?

A Rapids player should be a smart decision maker, which means he should use all of the advantages we have in Colorado (altitude, etc.). Even though we know they give it their all, the best players acknowledge the support we give and play for us!

Vicente Sanchez has brought a lot of energy, smart decision making. (He's) very skilled, entertaining and passionate, which stands out overall to me.

If you support another club (or national team), who is it, and what is it about them you like? What's the difference, for you, when you go support that different club versus when you are supporting the Rapids? Do you feel like a different person? What's different about you when you support the Rapids, or is it all just the same?

I support the Mexican National Team. I support them because 1. That's the country I was born in 2. I was taught to support them through thick and thin for as long as I can remember 3. It's how I learned to be loyal.

I've felt every emotion a human is capable of feeling with this Mexican team alone! I'm not a different supporter with them than I am with the Rapids.

Rivals of the Rapids, in order of how much you hate them.

Fake Salt Lake
Seattle Flounders
San Jose Earthquakes

Where do you like to sit in the stadium?

I really enjoy section 108

I've heard a lot about the different demographics of Rapids fans. What would you say those demographics are, and where do you think you fit in? What do you think about the other demographics? How do they contribute to the feeling of the club?

Punk rock, hipsters, liberals, conservatives, new soccer followers, soccer maniacs, (sorry if I missed any) are all in the mix, and the greatest part about all of this is that we're all united for one cause, our Colorado Rapids. I believe treating everyone without attaching labels to them has allowed me to experience a great environment where I've made friends I now consider family, not just fellow supporters.

So what is a Rapids fan like? Are there any characteristics about Colorado Rapids fans that you would say makes us different than any other fanbase? Are we better looking? Smarter?

A Rapids fan is loyal and what makes us different is, aside from the all the politics and drama a soccer team has, that we share some kind of hope: a hope that we can be better, that we can win another championship and that we will one day see this team reach the potential it has. That characteristic is what makes everyone agree and set aside all of our other life views and opinions -- and yes, we are better looking.

Like many of the fans of the Rapids, Kevin is on Twitter. I just heard recently that Our Rapids Rant is going to be starting up again soon, and I can't wait. You can find it on SoundCloud and iTunes, and at their website.
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