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Who are your Tried-and-True Transfer Wishes for 2015?

What dependable, current MLS players would you like to see brought in this off-season to help the Burgundy and Blue improve in 2015? Let us know who and why in the comments section.


Another week, another disappointing result in a season that refuses to let the Rapids end 2015 easily. Many Rapids fans have been looking towards 2015 for weeks, and with Friday's disheartening drubbing, more will be joining ranks. Count me as one of the former, so I'll spare you any insights on why the Rapids are still losing by multiple goals or why Clint Irwin is still on the bench. Instead, let's continue to look towards a brighter future (fingers crossed).

The rebuild that is undoubtedly on the horizon for Colorado will not be an easy one. Obviously, the Rapids' roster is riddled with potential, especially in its youth; it only lacks refinement. The most difficult part will be adding experienced and, most importantly, dependable talent to compliment the youth. They simply just didn't have enough of that this year. I love that the Rapids have found the likes of Powers and Hairston and Brown, but my, my what I wouldn't give for a dependable mainstay whose already been ingrained in MLS. In other words, a few more Drew Moors.

With those thoughts in mind, I open the discussion to the Burgundy Wave community. I want to hear what current player MLS player you would most like to see the Rapids bring in to right the ship in 2015. There are some rules, however, the first of which is the player must be 24 or older. Secondly, players must have played in MLS for at least two seasons (including 2014). Finally, no designated players. Got it? Good.

Lastly, include why you want that player other than, "he's good". It's a tricky task considering the Rapids don't exactly have an identity under Pablo. What players will fit the mold? Explain what you believe your player of choice could bring to Colorado.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.