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Real Salt Lake 5 Colorado Rapids 1 - NBC is anathema to decent Rapids performances

Oh hey, this again.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Both times that the Colorado Rapids have been on the NBC Sports Network Friday night match, I've eschewed my usual watching spots at the British Bulldog, Three Lions or otherwise and watched at Ogden Street South, where I go do Karaoke with friends every Friday night. Sure, I could have gone to a soccer bar and watched with other Rapids fans, but considering how bad it's been I liked giving myself the potential out of leaving to the other side where my buds were at any time.

Here's the good news: I made it more than 40 seconds this time around! The bad news, of course, is that I only made it about 30 this time around before falling back into 'fits of laughter' mode and going to sit with my friends at the other side of the bar.

Pablo Mastroeni started Joe Nasco again, the rest of the line-up wasn't particularly exciting to look at, and despite Jose Mari getting another goal of the season candidate (he appears to be making that his hobby) the Rapids' defense and goalkeeper were happy to give away five goals throughout the course of the night, including ones to noted attacking legends Carlos Salcedo and Chris Schuler. Also, Nasco scored on himself at one point, probably just to take the satisfaction of scoring away from whichever RSL player would have scored anyway.

Hey, season's almost over, eh?