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Some words on Zat Knight from a Bolton Wanderers fan

What to expect from Zat Knight? We asked a Bolton fan.

Clint Hughes

Zat Knight's transfer still hasn't officially gone through for the Colorado Rapids, but it looks like it's all but done and dusted other than the technical matters. What can we expect from the newest member of the team once he finally is on the squad? I asked Dennis from Lion of Vienna Suite, SB Nation's Bolton Wanderers blog, to give a few words on the big central defender. Here's what he had to say:

Zat Knight was with Bolton Wanderers for several years, the last one as Captain. I noticed some confusion over his status that final season. Wikipedia says that he only played 3 matches in 2013-2014, but that is an error. He was club captain, and played 35 matches, all from the start. For the most part he did a very poor job at the back. Bolton had a miserable season, largely because they employed one of the worst defenses in England. As an almost automatic first choice, Knight bore a lot of the blame for that. He was booed mercilessly at home, which is a tough thing for a player to deal with, and may have effected his performance.

Knight was an enigma long before he came to Bolton. He won two England caps very early in his career, and many believed that Fulham had unearthed a real gem. But his infuriating inconsistency eventually soured that view. Knight moved to Aston Villa for decent money, then fell out there and went to Bolton for about the same price. What is most frustrating about Zat Knight is hard to pinpoint. He is extremely tall (6'6 or 6'7 depending on who you believe), yet not very good with his head. He is a large, muscular man, yet routinely gets pushed around by smaller players. He has good pace, yet never seems to get beyond a light jog on the pitch, even when he has been beaten and an opposing attacker is on a breakaway. But that is not the worst part. The worst part is that suddenly, without warning, he will become a monster. He will have stretch, maybe 5 minutes, maybe 5 games, where he is the best player on the pitch. He'll score a few goals, he'll dominate in the air, he'll control the box like a bigger version of Carlos Puyol, and almost singlehandedly lead his club to a clean sheet. And then, just a sudden as it began, it will end. He has won Player of the Month awards, and he has been dropped from the team in favor of career journeyman. In the same season!

So, Colorado fans, good luck. You will see the good first. Everytime Knight has moved to a new club, or that club has brought in a new manager, Zat has started like a house on fire. But don't get caught up in it, because it will end, most likely in glorious failure.

Thanks again to Dennis for the words on the future newest Colorado Rapid.