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John Metgod leaves Colorado Rapids

A member of the Rapids coaching staff is out, and it's not who we might have expected.

This isn't John Metgod, but who cares?
This isn't John Metgod, but who cares?
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids, getting into the homestretch of an up-and-down season, are already making changes to fit the assured event-filled off-season that we can expect going into 2015. Today, the Rapids announced that the coaching staff lost a name in John Metgod, who had been with the squad since the start of the season.

Metgod was expected at the time of hiring to help solidify the coaching and front office situation with some veteran experience. What exactly he did during his time at the club is a big old unknown, as we rarely heard his name during the season except for a short bit of confusion when his name disappeared from the team's website. As for actual coaching, the team didn't have all that impressive a season, so it's hard to make any judgements one way or another on any accomplishments he may have had.

We'll see if this means another coaching hire is coming on the horizon to add to Pablo Mastroeni's staff; perhaps another experienced veteran of coaching is called for.