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If the Rapids want to inspire fans, they must play the full 90

One way for the Rapids to inspire confidence in their fan base is very simple--play the full ninety.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

When the Rapids went up 2-1, my boys and I looked at each other and said something we hadn't said in a long time:  "Look, the Rapids are ahead."  Yet, the pox on the Rapids for the entire season is letting up on defense when they have the lead.  This pattern began back on March against SKC where the Rapids pulled even 2-2, only to give up the game-winning goal by Dom Dwyer--where Drew Moor backed off and gave him too much space.

In soccer, as in life, letting up after achieving (scoring?) a goal breeds complacency that can come back to sting you even for a moment.  When Deshorn Brown scored that absolute beauty of a header from that ball in from Marc Burch, and the aforementioned celebration amongst us Perry guys, I was praying they would hold on, but that feeling in my gut was that a breakdown would occur.

We have a young team with a young coach still trying to find their way.  I walked away from the Timbers match feeling a bit better about our play (you have to admit, both teams played well).  Home cooking always helps.  But as for this Rapids fan, seeing the Burgundy Boys play disciplined soccer for 90 minutes will come with maturity, and will turn around the despondency many feel--even sustaining those same fans through a seven-game losing streak.

Let's hear from you.  Am I off in wishing our Rapids wouldn't let up when up?  Do we attribute this to youth, to coaching, or none of the above?