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Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy - The good, the good, the goddamnit we're going to find something good

Much has been written about the Los Angeles match (most of it negative) so is there any good coming out of Commerce City?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

In a word: yes!

We here are Burgundy Wave are always trying to be optimistic and hopeful when it comes to our Colorado Rapids, and let's face it: it has been tough.  After seven consecutive losses you would think that were would be nothing by pain and despair in the Rapids camp.  To that we say: hogwash!

Here is the ultra optimistic, ultra hopeful Good, Bad, Ugly--Colorado Rapids, Round 26

The Good--New Faces, Healthy Bodies?

There were reports out of Commerce City that a new face and a healthy face could be set to join the team this week:

and if that wasn't enough to get you going, there is this:

Now how would that be for a boost for the team?  A starting Center Back returns from injury and he gets a new Center Back to partner with.  If that isn't GREAT news, I do not know what is.

The Bad Good Part II--Nothing Negative This Week

I told you, there will be nothing negative this week....So with Shane O'Neill possibly returning and Zat Knight looking like he is in the fold, there is some optimism.  Want some more: a victory over Portland means the Rapids are right back in this thing.  They still have a tough schedule with Seattle, Real Salt Lake and Dallas all up ahead.  And let us not forget the Rapids killers--the Quakes.  But, there is still hope if the Rapids can get on a little run and start stringing some results together.

The Ugly Good Part III--(Can) They Do This?

Darn straight they can.  Now, don't get me wrong, it is going to be tough.  They have to leap two teams, but when you look at things, all is possible:

Home matches remaining:  Portland, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas

Away matches remaining:  Salt Lake, Chivas, Vancouver

Seven games.  How can they do it?  I think if they can find 15 points out of that group (and I know that is a tall order) they can do it.  And heck, if we are being all optimistic, WHY NOT!

So can our Burgundy Boys come back and shock Major League Soccer and grab that 5th spot out west.?  The entire league has lost belief in them, but I have not.  But it starts this Saturday against Portland Timbers.  A win against our Western Conference foe will go along way to getting some confidence back and get the Lads on the right track.  It also brings them within 2 points of the Timbers.  And at that point, anything is possible.