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Introducing the new Burgundy Wave Mad Lib article generator!

The interactive way for you to read your favorite Rapids blog postgame articles!

Stephen Dunn

Have you always wanted to play a role in the article you're reading? Perhaps add a colorful metaphor here and there? Well dream no more, your fantasy is here! Introducing the Burgundy Wave Mad Lib Article Generator! It's the new, fun and interactive way to read your postgame articles for the Rapids. Simply fill in the blanks as you come to them with an appropriate word. The article will work for each of the remaining games of the 2014 season. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Last (insert day of week) , the Colorado Rapids losing streak continued as they fell to (insert opponent) by a scoreline of (insert score). Defensive woes continued to be the thorn in the Rapids' side. Particularly costly mistakes from (insert player) put the Rapids on the back foot early in the match. Pablo Mastroeni pulled another fast one in his lineup decisions, surprisingly choosing (insert bench/reserve player) to start the game. Once again, Gaby Torres did not see any significant playing time, however. Things got even worse for the Rapids when (insert defensive player) took a knock and may now miss some time, making the backline (insert adverb) thin.

This loss now puts Colorado (insert points) behind the "thin red line" as their playoff chase looks more and more (insert adjective). Available for comment after the game, Mastroeni said it was all about (insert word like "mindset," "mentality," etc.). With only (insert # of games) remaining, the Rapids will need to clear their mind of the recent (insert adjective) defeats and look to get back on track. It won't be easy, though, as their next opponent is (insert team). Hopefully, (insert player[s]) will start scoring again and pull the team out of the muck. Hold on to your (insert colorful metaphor) Rapids fans, it's going to be a bumpy ride!