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Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy - Player ratings

The Rapids were undone before the match really got going after suffering a first minute red card.

Maurizio Lagana

Our Beloved Colorado Rapids traveled to the Stub Hub Center on Friday night and if you watched the match, it was pretty much over after 34 seconds.  Going down a man and giving up a PK goal in the first minute meant that this was going to be a horrific night--and it was.  The Rapids did their best to stay in the match, but against a team with the quality of LA Galaxy, and playing 90 minutes down a man, there was just not much they could do.

Here is how I saw the match:

Joe Nasco N/A

Well, at least he can say he has the fastest red card in MLS history.  And that is something.

Marc Burch 3

No one on the Rapids defense had a good game.  And Burch committed a needless yellow card in the second half.

Marvell Wynne 2

Wynne needs to marshall the defense and he was unable to do so.

Thomas Piermayr  2

Piermayr wants this game back.  Terrible performance.

Chris Klute 1.5

Klute got burned and burned again.  He lost his man in the first minute which led to the cross.  Poor, poor effort.

Dillon Serna N/A

Serna was a first minute sub, courtesy of the Nasco red card

Nick LaBrocca 5

Again, not LaBrocca's fault on the night.  It is difficult to be too upset at possession numbers when LA could run a 3 man back line.

Jose Mari 5

Mari did his best, but frankly there was not much he could do with the sheer numbers that the Galaxy had going forward.

Deshorn Brown 5

It is hard to not feel frustrated for Brown as he was never really able to get going with him being forced to play more of a defensive role after the red card.

Dillon Powers 5

The great "Powers as a withdrawn forward" experiment ended in the first minute as he was pushed back in the midfield as the Rapids switched to the vaunted 4-4-1 formation.

Edson Buddle 5.5

Buddle did what he could (which was not much as he was tracking back the bulk of the night), but did show some creativity in the second half.


Clint Irwin 5

Not much Irwin does on any of the goals.  He was put in a tough spot coming on as a sub and his first action is a PK and was left out to dry time and time again.

Marlon Hairston 4

Hairston brought some creativity and pace to the game, but it was long out of reach and most of what he did was in a losing effort.  But dude, if you are going to foul a guy, actually bring him down.

Vicente Sanchez 5

Like Hairston, Sanchez brought some excitement and life to the Rapids attack.  But it was far too little and far too late.