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The Colorado Rapids are giving us whiplash

A winless August! Six games, zero points. And yet, we are only four points out of fifth place in the Western Conference. All this bouncing from promising to pitiful on the pitch is giving this Rapids fan serious whiplash! Help steady me, Wave Riders!

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This Rapids fan has whiplash!  I go from feeling low that such a promising season is slipping away/has slipped away from us, making 2014 another transition year, to seeing some glimmer of promise from our play the last two games that I honestly wish I knew where to land. It's a quick and painful change of direction in my Burgundy-beating ticker.  Whiplash!

I see that first half against the Galaxy on April 20th and see what could be--firepower, energy, desire. Then the defense changes strategy, and we give up four (four!) to the Galaxy. Whiplash!

In the time leading up to the Sounders game this past Saturday, I remember the 4-1 shellacking on that Pathetic Plastic Pitch from the Sounders, and expected that our Burgundy Boys would come in while riding a five-game egg-laying streak and be on the business end of Shellacking, Part II.

What's this?  Joe Nasco in goal?  Yes, with the official world from Rapids headquarters stating that Irwin needed a rest (which I found curious, given the 10 day layoff, but I digress).   Other lineup changes (already discussed at length here at the Wave) added to the curiosity of what Coach Pablo was up to--and lo and behold, we have a 1-0 loss where the Rapids played stout defense and had some continuity on offense. Whiplash!

AND if that weren't enough, we look at the standings and the Rapids are still only four points out of a fifth place playoff spot.  Granted, the next three games will be challenging:  at the Galaxy (9/5), home for Portland (9/13), away to Rio Tinto to avoid the sweep (9/19), then a pesky San Jose here at DSGP (9/27).  Not easy!

Do we call this season a wash and get the young guys in?  Do we finally get a Gale Agbossoumonde sighting?  Or do we hope it comes together, we get hot and keep running toward the fifth playoff spot?

See, there it is again--whiplash!  Help steady me, Burgundy Wave Riders!