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Do you think the Colorado Rapids are an MLS Playoff team?

The MLS transfer window has closed. Are the Rapids playoff-worthy as it stands today?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we have what appear to be theme days on Burgundy Wave, and today we're talking playoffs, apparently. We spent a while this week discussing how much we felt the Rapids needed another piece or two in order to become a true MLS Cup contender. Despite that, the transfer window has now come and gone. Note that this doesn't mean that the Rapids are out of the running when it comes to new player acquisitions. This lovely post by Black & Red United will tell you more. Even though it's possible though, it doesn't seem likely that a new name is going to be joining the Rapids this season.

That leads us to a question. I've already noted that I don't think this team is MLS Cup-worthy as it stands right now, simply because they seemingly go on a tailspin any time there's a hit to the team's depth. How about the playoffs, though? A team very similar to this one, but with more RapKids magic, went through to the MLS Playoffs in 2013 under Oscar Pareja. Here's the question: assuming this team makes no more moves (likely) before the end of the season, do you think they're a good enough squad to make the playoffs?