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The good, The bad, The ugly - Colorado Rapids round 21

The Rocky Mountain Cup is gone and the Rapids are struggling to find their form with just 12 games left in the 2014 season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is squeaky bum time in Commerce City as the Colorado Rapids have dropped two in a row and have gone 2-3-2 since the World Cup break and are on the verge of dropping below the little red line and out of the playoffs.  What has happened?  Why have they suddenly looked like an average team rather than a squad that looked like they could compete for cups?  These are all good questions, with multiple answers.

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly--Colorado Rapids, Round 21

The Good--Not Much

There is not much good from a week where you are outscored 4-0 and did not generate many offensive chances.  A poor week concluded with the team on a run of form of three losses in their last four games.  Yikes.

The Bad--Where Have The Goals Gone?

The most baffling thing in this streak has been the lack of goals.  When the Rapids played Portland Timbers (not a good defensive team) they could muster only one goal.  The beat a poor Chivas USA team who was so injured in the back that they almost called Scott Palguta to play for them.  New England Revolution had lost eight in a row and had been leaking goals faster than the Avalanche's back up goalie.  And with Real Salt Lake, the Rapids had a man advantage for 45 minutes and nothing...So where have the goals gone I ask?

The Ugly--Words Can Hurt

I have tried very hard to not be critical of Pablo Mastroeni and his coaching decisions.  I have not always agreed with his squad rotation policies or his lineup changes.  I know he is learning the job and there are going to be missteps along the way.  I can and will be patient with him for what he has done for the club and his place in the history of the club.

But to say that the Rocky Mountain Cup does not matter to him is hurtful.  He is a player that helped to define this rivalry and saying something as hurtful and inappropriate as that is a disgrace.  This was not going to be a year where the Rapids were going to be able to compete for trophies as they are building for the future.  But the RMC was something that we could have and should have kept.  Saying that it does not matter pisses this supporter off.  I know he has apologized, and I have made it clear how I feel about Mastroeni in past articles.  But these comments from him are distressing.

Our beloved Burgundy Boys head out on the road to play FC Dallas this Saturday where the expected high temperature in Frisco, Texas is supposed to be 101 degrees with a fair spot of humidity.  A brutal place to play, but if the Rapids are going to get back on the playoff train, they better be prepared and pull that shock result.