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Player Ratings -- Colorado Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake

The Rocky Mountain Cup returned to the control of RSL after the Rapids dropped a 1-0 decision to our neighbors to the West.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

"It was always going to be an uphill climb" I told my father after Colorado Rapids lost 1-0 to rivals Real Salt Lake on Saturday night which also saw the Rocky Mountain Cup return to RSL control.  A short week, traveling across the country and form that has bounced up and down more that a pogo stick--this all added up to a tough task against our rivals.  I believe that the Rapids played hard, but they suffered from a lack of creativity and chances were few and far between.  And when there were chances, they were squandered (Looking at you Deshorn Brown).  In the end, it is but three points, but in a freakishly tight Western Conference, the Rapids are looking less and less like a playoff team.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 6.5

Irwin did not have a whole lot to do (he made two saves) as the defense was functional for the bulk of the evening.

Chris Klute 6

Klute had an OK game, but struggled on some of his clearances in the back.  Was good running forward, but his crosses could not find fellow Rapids.

Marvell Wynne 5.5

Wynne has to play better defense.  He can't lose his man like he did on the RSL goal.

Drew Moor 5.5

Captain Colorado also lost his man in the box on the RSL goal.  In a game with such tight margins, that can't happen.

Marc Burch 6

Burch was involved in the attack going forward and looked good the bulk of the night.

Nick LaBrocca 6.5

LaBrocca did well controlling possession (roughly 65% for the Burgundy Boys) but that possession means nothing without a goal.

Jose Mari 6.5

Jose Mari made his first MLS appearance in nearly two months and looked good in possession, but struggled pushing the ball forward.

Dillon Serna 6

Serna seemed to try and get too cute with the ball.  Shoot the ball man.  Funny things happen when you do.

Vicente Sanchez 6

Creativity is a wonderful thing, but it needs to lead to goals.  The Rapids have been shut out in two straight games.

Dillon Powers 6

A quiet game from Powers.  He needed to get more involved in the offense and did not have a shot on goal all night.

Deshorn Brown  3.5

Strikers do not miss sitters against their rivals that could have changed the course of the game.  Disappointing.


Gabriel Torres 6

When you are down a goal, Torres needs to play more than 17 minutes.  That is not on him, but coaching.

Carlos Alvarez 5.5

Alvarez played the final 17 minutes and did not have much of an impact.